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Racklatina S.A.


At Racklatina S.A. we provide a full solution for your industrial automation and control needs, with best quality products.




Our Mision is to achieve excelency at our service with best quality products aligned to the tendences and needs of the industrial customer. Our Vision is to be the more developed industrial provider, being leaders and tendences generators in our market. Our Values: honesty, ethics, flexibility, agility, confidence y closeness with our customers.

  • ISO 9001:2008



    Our most important processes are approved by the norm, along our branches. Trace certifies that our commercial and operative policies are executed in a transparent way. Our participation in this society allows us to know the highest standards of the main markets worldwide.
    DNV cert. - Headquarters
    DNV cert. - Branches
    TRACE cet. NAED's website

    Infrastructure and Technology

    Pre and post sales service

    We count with the latest technology in our entire chain, ensuring the best quality among the entire comercial proccess. Our entire infrastructure is customer-orientated. We add consulting, dignosis, following and support to our offer, Tracing a deep difference among our competitors, in benefit of our customers with a significant reduction in the final cost of adquisition.
    Our main brands
    Headquarters | Bahía Blanca | Córdoba | Rosario | Mendoza | Neuquén | Tucumán | Uruguay
    • Col. Gaona 2682 (B1742KAN), KM 33.1 Acceso Oeste, Moreno, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
      Tel.: (+54) 0237 405-7000 centro.rac@racklatina.com.ar
    • Av. Cólon 1598 (B8000FUS), Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
      Tel:(+54 0291) 454-6308 bb@racklatina.com.ar
    • Juan B. Justo 3667 (X5001GYB), Córdoba, Córdoba, Argentina.
      Tel: (+54 0351) 474-3657 cba@racklatina.com.ar
    • Av. Pellegrini 6690 (S2008EDQ), Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina.
      Tel: (+54 0341) 456-6644 ros@racklatina.com.ar
    • Rioja 1723 (M5500AMI), Mendoza, Mendoza, Argentina.
      Tel.: (+54 0261) 429-8277 mdz@racklatina.com.ar
    • Teniente ibañez 697 (Q8300IQM), Neuquén, Neuquén, Argentina.
      Tel.: (+54 0299) 443-7170 nqn@racklatina.com.ar
    • San Luis 312 Local B (T4000IZH), San Miguel de Tucumán, Tucumán, Argentina.
      Tel.: (+54 0381) 420-7839/40/41 noa@racklatina.com.ar
    • Potosí 1517, Carrasco, Montevideo, Uruguay.
      Tel.: (+598) 2600-8877 uy@racklatina.com.ar